Space Maintainers

Preventing space loss after premature tooth loss

Space Maintainers aim to preserve the space available for adult teeth to erupt into. Premature space loss through early loss of a baby tooth can be problematic causing the inability for an adult tooth to erupt into the mouth. In such cases where a baby tooth is lost earlier than it should have, problem free adult tooth eruption can be facilitated by maintaining the space that the lost baby tooth held. Simple space maintainers are a cost effective method of preventing a small problem become a big one later, which is more difficult and costly to correct.

How Does A Space Maintainer Work?

  • A dental impression of the teeth is taken
  • Our orthodontic laboratory manufactures a custom fitted space maintainer
  • The space maintainer appliances is fitted in place
  • Space maintainers are kept in place until the adult tooth has erupted safely