Getting Started

Achieving your new smile is simple

Welcome to Orthoclinic

The process toward achieving your perfect smile at Orthoclinic is simple.  It starts with you getting in touch with us to arrange your first appointment.  This can be done by requesting an appointment online or by email or by phone.  Your personal details will be collected and an information pack emailed out to you detailing what to expect at this appointment.

View the “Introduction to Orthodontics” video for more information.

Referral Not Necessary

A referral from your general dentist or medical practictioner is not needed to arrange your consultation with Orthoclinic.  If it has been some years since your last general dental check up, Orthoclinic will recommend you to see a dentist for a general examination prior to commencing any orthodontic treatment.  If you don’t have a regular dentist, Orthoclinic has close working relationships with all the best dentists in Canberra and can recommend one located near you.

Orthoclinic Process

  1. Examination
    A comprehensive examination will be carried out at your first appointment to determine the main orthodontic issues and possible treatment options
  2. Diagnostics
    Orthodontic diagnostic records including clinical photographs, xrays, and study models are commonly collected to aid the treatment planning process
  3. Planning
    Using the collected diagnostic records, Dr Madsen will measure and analyse these to make the most informed, individualised and comprehensive treatment plan for your case.  This can involve formulating a number of treatment options that will be presented to you indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  4. Treatment
    Orthodontic appliances are fitted and adjusted every 6 to 8 weeks to progress your tooth movement, alignment and smile creation
  5. Smile
    The most rewarding stage that makes the whole process worthwhile.  Share your new smile with the world !

Our Process

Appointment Reminders

All appointments at Orthoclinic receive an automatic reminder SMS the day prior to your appointment.  Replying to this will confirm your appointment.  You may also receive a telephone confirmation call as well.