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Adult Braces for Canberra

Metal Braces for adults

Adult Metal Braces

Adult metal braces are made from stainless steel and standard method of aligning teeth and correcting bites. Each individual metal brace we use comes in its own single use sealed package to ensure that it is contamination and tamper free. These adult braces are low profile, allowing your lips to easily adapt to them.


Orthoclinic uses state of the art equipment and bracket systems for adult braces which can provide faster results with fewer appointments and less treatment time. Our nickel titanium alloy orthodontic wires ensure rapid alignment and unique to Orthoclinic, Dr Madsen’s skilled manual fine tuning ensure you will receive top quality results in a minimum of time.


Coloured Braces These adult metal braces require a rubber ring to hold the orthodontic wire in place. Those rubber rings can be any colour you wish, including conservative clear to out there bright colours.

For those who are more adventurous, we have a full range of colours to choose from as follows:

Pick, mix and match! These colours are as follows:



How Do Adult Braces Work?

1. Braces are initially glued on to each tooth individually using a special clear glue that bonds to the enamel of your teeth.


2. Flexible shape memory wires are inserted into the braces.


3. As these shape memory wires straighten out to their original shape, they gently pull the teeth with them slowly aligning the teeth over time


4. Once the teeth are straight, other more complex tooth movements are achieved with small add-ons to the braces. For example, elastic bands are sometimes placed onto the side of braces to achieve relative movement of the upper teeth to the lower teeth.



Placement of braces on teeth is a simple process with a minimum of discomfort for our adult patients. However, during the first few days of tooth movement it is normal to experience a low grade ache, and tenderness to chewing foods. Once this subsides, treatment will progress with minimal discomfort or disruption to eating & speaking. It is uncommon for adults to have persistent problems with braces throughout treatment.

Treatment Times

Treatment times with adult braces vary depending on the complexity of each case and what the treatment objective are. While adult teeth sometimes move slower than in children, simple alignment cases can take less time than six months to complete. Complex cases involving coordination between other specialties can take up to 24 months in treatment.
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