Oral Hygiene

The key to creating your new healthy smile

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits during treatment is the key to successful orthodontic outcomes.  Our staff will provide detailed oral hygiene instructions when your braces are placed and provide you with all the appropriate brushes and equipment needed.

Toothbrushing with braces

We recommend that you brush your teeth three times a day after meals during orthodontic treatment with braces.  The technique for brushing involves focusing on the area between the braces and your gums as seen in the video below

Flossing with braces

Flossing is more difficult with braces in place, however can still be done well.  You can either use the specialized orthodontic floss holder (provided to you) or normal floss as seen in the video .

Pikster Brush with braces

This specialized bottle brush is provided to you at the start of your treatment.  These Piksters are a great way to clean the areas of your braces that are hard to get to with your toothbrush.  Visit www.piksters.com for more information.  Also view the video to see how they work