Precision Surgical Orthodontics

For adult patients with jaw growth problems

Surgical orthodontics incorporates the coordination of an Orthodontist and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon to correct significant bite discrepancies in adult (and some late teenager) patients. Although very few orthodontic cases require surgery, a small percentage of cases cannot be fully corrected without surgical movement of the jaws.

Orthodontic Surgery Options

In such cases where Orthognathic (jaw movement) surgery is required, one can either accept the bite as is and avoid surgery, or correct it with surgery. Both options usually will require orthodontic braces. There are different advantages and disadvantages for both surgical and non-surgical options and naturally, different treatment objectives and outcomes. Dr Madsen will explain all surgical orthodontic options in detail at your consultation.

Orthognathic Surgical Procedures

There are many types of jaw movements available. The more common procedures include:

  • Mandibular Advancement – Extending Lower Jaw

    surgical movement of the lower jaw forward to correct
    an excessively small lower jaw

  • Mandibular Setback – Shortening Lower Jaw

    surgical movement of the lower jaw backward to correct an
    excessively large lower jaw

  • Surgcially Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion – Upper Jaw Expansion

    surgical widening of the upper jaw
    for an excessively narrow upper jaw

  • Maxillary Impaction – Upper Jaw Shortening

    surgical lifting of the upper jaw to correct an excessively low
    upper jaw causing the front teeth not to touch (anterior open bite).

Meet Your Orthognathic Surgeons

Dr David Madsen and Dr Elise McConnell are both highly qualified Specialist Orthodontists and can assist with everything from your initial consultation, where they’ll discuss your options moving forward and suggest the most appropriate option for your teeth. Whether that be surgery, braces, or other treatment options.

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