Children’s Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces for children and teens

Children’s Metal Braces (with colours)

Braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment for children. They provide the most amount of control over tooth movement and the best clinical results in the shortest treatment time of all treatment options.

Orthoclinic aims to make your child’s orthodontic treatment comfortable and fun too ! Our standard metal braces are far from standard. Each individual metal brace we use comes in its own single use sealed package to ensure that it is contamination and tamper free. These braces are low profile, allowing your child’s lips to easily adapt to them.

Coloured Braces Orthoclinic uses state of the art equipment and bracket systems which can provide faster results with fewer appointments and less treatment time. Our nickel titanium alloy orthodontic wires ensure rapid alignment and unique to Orthoclinic, Dr Madsen’s skilled manual fine tuning ensure you will receive top quality results in a minimum of time.

These metal braces require a rubber ring to hold the orthodontic wire in place. Those rubber rings can be any colour you wish. For children who are more adventurous, we have a full range of colours to choose from.

Pick, mix and match! These colours are as follows:



How Do Kids Braces Work?

1. Braces are initially glued on to each tooth individually using a special clear glue that bonds to the enamel of your teeth.


2. Flexible shape memory wires are inserted into the braces.


3. As these shape memory wires straighten out to their original shape, they gently pull the teeth with them slowly aligning the teeth over time


4. Once the teeth are straight, other more complex tooth movements are achieved with small add-ons to the braces. For example, elastic bands are sometimes placed onto the side of braces to achieve relative movement of the upper teeth to the lower teeth.


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Choose Damon Clear™ Braces To Get The Best Treatment, While Being Less Visible

You can learn more about our Damon Clear Braces Here
If you desire the very best treatment results that braces can provide without the appliances being visually obvious, then consider our clear braces.

Orthoclinic Specialist Orthodontics is proud to offer Damon Clear™ braces. Combining the very latest in brace design and technology, these braces offer the full control and excellent results that traditional braces provide, while being clear, non staining and hardly noticeable. With Damon Clear, people may not even realise you’re wearing braces. Other so-called “clear” braces have visible metal parts or elastic ties that can yellow during treatment and collect bacteria*. But tie-less Damon Clear braces are discrete, easy to keep clean and resistant to staining and discolouration.

Damon Clear Braces

Faster treatment with Damon Clear™

While treatment times vary between patients, studies show that treatment with Damon braces is up to six months faster than with traditional braces**.


Why Choose Orthoclinic For Your Child’s Braces?

We understand that choosing the right orthodontic treatment for your child is a significant decision.

Children’s Orthodontic Specialists

Orthoclinic prides itself on creating a warm welcoming and fun atmosphere for its younger patients and their families. Our commitment extends to offering a diverse range of cutting-edge orthodontic treatment choices tailored for your child’s needs. Our dedicated Orthodontists will ensure you stay well-informed about the strides in your child’s treatment journey.

A Happier, Healthier Smile For Your Child

Opting for braces goes beyond enhancing your child’s smile. It’s a decision that fosters overall oral health. Straight teeth are easier to maintain, reducing the risk of issues such as bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. By choosing braces, you’re investing in your child’s long-term dental well-being.

Prioritising Your Child’s Comfort

We understand that comfort is paramount for children’s orthodontic treatment. That comfort starts from them understanding the procedure, understanding treatment options and what braces are right for them. And extends to helping them choose the right colours, the most discrete options, and helping them care for their braces. Our experienced team ensures that your child’s comfort remains a top priority throughout their journey to a healthier, more confident smile.



Common Questions

It’s normal for you and your child to have questions about their braces. We’ve answered some of our most common queries below.

My child is worried about visiting an orthodontist, can your team help?

It’s normal to be worried about your first appointment. Our team strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring your child received the best treatment as well as a comfortable environment. We’ll keep you and your child informed at every step of the way. It’s important to understand that early treatment is often the best option, as it allows us to ensure that teeth are growing correctly and that any potential problems can be managed before they become more serious.

My child is worried about what the braces will look like, what are their options?

We have a range of options that can offer a more discrete or comfortable treatment plan. While traditional children’s braces are often the best choice, we can help ease your child’s worried by helping them select the right colour, or opting for clear braces to help them stay hidden.

When is the right time to consider braces for my child?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have an examination with an orthodontic specialist no later than the age of 7. At that time, we can determine what the best options are for your child’s dental health. However, if your child’s Dentist has recommended that you see an orthodontist sooner, this is also an option.

How do we ensure my child’s braces are clean and cared for?

We’ll go over this with you and your child during treatment. But we’ve put together a handy guide on oral hygiene here.



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*Eberting J, Straja S, Tuncay O “Treatment time, outcome, and patient satisfaction comparisons of Damon and conventional brackets.” Clinical Orthodontics and Research 4.4 (2001): 228-34.

** Berger J ” Self-Ligation in the year 2000. A comparative assessment of conventional ligation and self ligation bracket systems.” Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (2000).