First Appointment

Comprehensive & clearly explained

Your first appointment at Orthoclinic is straight forward. This 30 minute consultation (item no. 017) begins with an informal interview with Dr Madsen to discuss your main concerns, medical and dental history. The interview is followed by a comprehensive clinical examination including an assessment of facial, jaw and tooth measurements/features. Dr Madsen will spend the remainder of the appointment discussing your orthodontic problems and how these relate to your main concerns. An indication of treatment options will be discussed including an estimate of treatment details, treatment time and treatment costs. If treatment is required, then diagnostic records will be collected otherwise you will be placed on a periodic orthodontic review to monitor growth and development while awaiting the ideal time to commence treatment.

First Appointment Summary

You will leave your first appointment having discussed:

  • Your orthodontic problems and concerns
  • Estimate of treatment time and costs
  • Direction in which your next step is taken

Diagnostic Records

Where treatment is required, the following records will often be taken to facilitate individualized and comprehensive treatment planning:

  1. Clinical photographs – Extra Oral (Item no. 073)
  2. Clinical photographs – Intra Oral (Item no. 072)
  3. Panoramic Xray (Item no. 037)
  4. Lateral Head Xray (Item no. 036)
  5. Digital Study Models (Item no. 071×2)

First Appointment