Scheduling appointments

Flexible appointments available Monday to Friday

Orthoclinic uses the very latest template based electronic appointment book system that has been carefully designed to provide you with the most flexibility with appointment time choice and minimizing wait times. Certain appointment types are seen at specific times of the day to facilitate most short adjustment appointments to be seen at the most desired times, before & after school.

Appointment types

Your orthodontic appointments are either long or short. Short appointments include orthodontic adjustments, appliance and retainer checks which form the majority of your appointments during treatment. Long appointments include placement of braces, removal of braces, collection of orthodontic records, consultations or extensive orthodontic adjustment appointments.

Before & after school appointments

Our appointment schedule has be carefully crafted to have short appointments before and after school and long appointments in the middle of the day. This means that where possible, the majority of school children appointments are outside of school hours.

Your time is important to us. We aim to run on time, every time and provide full flexibility in appointment times for your convenience.

Missed appointments

We understand that unforeseen events occur and sometimes appointments are missed. Appointments with Dr Madsen are highly sought after and it is often difficult to reschedule missed appointments at your preferred time. Therefore most missed appointments will be rescheduled to an appointment in the middle of the day. Where possible we endeavor to meet your needs, but we encourage keeping your original appointment to prevent problems or disappointment.

Breakages and emergencies

If your orthodontic appliances are annoying you or you are worried about them, please call for advice or an emergency appointment. Where possible, we will arrange to see you in a timely fashion to relieve any discomfort or resolve your problem.

Broken appliances or breakages should be reported to Orthoclinic as soon as possible. Reception will then advise you whether are breakage appointment is required to resolve this. These appointments are between 10:30am and 2:30pm.