Dental Retainers Canberra

Maintain your healthy smile with retainers

Teeth don’t stop moving, even after your treatment has run it’s course. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain the results you’ve achieved through aligners or braces, by using a dental retainer.

Maintain Your Results

Maintaining your results is just as important as your initial treatment, to ensure your teeth stay straight and healthy. Initially, your retainer will be worn almost all day, except for when you’re eating or brushing your teeth. Following this, one of our Orthodontists will advise you of the right plan to reduce how often you need to wear them, while maintaining your smile.

What Are Dental Retainers

Types of Dental Retainers

A number of different types of dental retainers are used depending on what kind of orthodontic problem has been treated. The common types of retainer include:

  • Clear vacuum formed dental retainer – commonly used on the upper teeth, this type of retainer fits snugly over every surface of the teeth. This type of retainer is typically worn at night during sleep.retainer-upper-close
  • Bonded wire dental retainer – commonly placed on the inside surface of the lower front teeth, this retainer is excellent at maintaining the alignment of your lower teeth.  These wires are typically kept in place forever because teeth do not stop moving throughout life.  They are easy to keep clean and easily removed if it is no longer wanted.Retainer-upper-clear

How long do I wear dental retainers for ?

Removable retainers are worn full time (day and night except for eating and brushing) for 3 months after the removal of braces.  After this period they are worn at night only when you go to sleep.  Wearing them every night in the long term will ensure that your orthodontic result will not change.

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