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Incognito™ Lingual Braces

Hidden braces on the inside surfaces of your teeth


Hidden Lingual & Incognito Braces

Lingual Orthodontics is the most desirable forms of orthdontic treatment options for adults. It provides full control over your teeth to provide the optimum alignment, bite and smile WITHOUT any visible braces…. because the braces are placed on the inside of your teeth, making them invisible.

The secret to your new smile is between you and your orthodontist alone.

incognitoIncognito™ is the only fully individualised and customised lingual braces on the market. It is driven by the very latest computed aided design (CAD) technology such that every brace is custom fit to your teeth, and every wire is bent by a robot to suit your case produce near perfect results. Because this system is 100% tailored to you, you will achieve your treatment goal more efficiently & in less time than conventional lingual braces.

Dr Madsen is a certified Incognito™ braces provider. At your initial consultation, he will determine what your case will require for Incognito TM and provide you with realistic expectations of how this appliance can work for you.

The Incognito™ Braces Process

The treatment process starts with highly accurate dental impressions that are sent to 3M Incognito™ who will manufacture your Incognito braces using CAD-CAM technology & wire bending robots which are all customised to your teeth and Dr Madsen’s defined treatment goals. Once your custom braces are received back, they are placed on each arch in one step using an indirect transfer tray which is custom fit to your mouth for accuracy and comfort. The wires are then fixed in place and the invisible tooth movement process commences, and is continued at your routine 6-8 weekly visits.

Am I A Suitable Case For Incognito Braces?

With only a few exceptions, if you are suitable for regular braces, then you are suitable for the Incognito™ braces system. Age is not a limiting factor for tooth movement with patients from 14 years old to 60 + years old, having been treated with Incognito braces. In fact, because of the invisible nature of Incognito, it is particularly suited to adults, professionals & celebrities. Even more complex orthodontic situations can be treated with Incognito, including cases where teeth are impacted in the gums, extraction cases (where crowding is too severe), or even surgical cases (where there is a mismatch of jaw bones that require movement).

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The CAD-CAM custom designed braces with Incognito™ are significantly smaller than conventional lingual braces. This improves patient adaptation and comfort to these braces better than ever before. It is still important to recognise that no matter how small our lingual braces and Incognito braces are, when placed on the inside (tongue side) it will take a few weeks to get used to. Once your tongue has adapted to the Incognito™ braces, the comfort levels are the same as regular braces after each adjustment.

Check out www.hiddenbraces.com for more information

Orthoclinic is Canberra’s leading Incognito Braces certified provider and lingual braces specialist. Book now for a consultation with Dr Madsen.